Common Moods

HD film, 18 min, 2016

In a residential neighbourhood, inside an empty house, six characters are occupied with tasks they accomplish repeatedly. They cohabit in silence although one can suppose a form of link between them. Loosely drawn on the narrative line of Virginia Woolf’s the Waves the film shows the presence of a community of loved ones as an attempt to freeze them in a sort of daydreaming, a distorted memory. The infra-speaking trait of their apparitions tends to emphasize on a telepathic language or a body language.

Sound: Aïda Merghoub

Image: Loïc Carrera

Editing: Lucas Furtado & Clémentine Coupau

Acting: Leda Bourgogne, Enno Devillers-Peña, Billie Maya Johansen, Melanie Matthieu, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Rein de Wilde

Voice: Hanne Lippard

Assistants: Yann Wauters & Sonia Skatchkov

Graphics: studio Large

Color grading : Nikos Dalton Appelquist