EYM (enacting the actress with the interesting face)

Single channel HD film, 2 min 25 sec, 2017

acting: Eva Y. Michaelson text sampled from: script of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona line of actress Margaretha Krook

Over the span of a year, Eva Y. Michaelson and myself repeatedly reenacted a scene from Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, resulting in a performance-portrait which records a becoming-woman, becoming-actress, becoming-character. The discourse appears embodied, though still foreign; a foreignness accentuated by the delicate out-of-sync speech.


I do understand you know. The hopeless dream of being; just being, not doing. Awake and watchful every second. And at the same time the abyss between what you are for others and what you are for yourself. The feeling of dizziness and the continuous burning need to be unmasked. At last to be seen through. Reduced perhaps extinguished. Every tone of voice a lie, an act of treason.Every gesture false.Every smile a grimace. The role of wife, the role of friend, the roles of mother and mistress. Which is worst? Which has tortured you most? Playing the actress with the interesting face?