parures (Shéhérazades)

laser cut paper masks for plants — produced with the generous help of Komplot, 2019

Paper masks are appended to the plants in the garden.

Shéhérazade is a fictional character and storyteller of the Middle Eastern folk tales « One Thousand and One Nights ». Held captive by a king, to avoid getting killed in the morning like all women before her, she tells stories for 1001 nights. Through her talent as a narrator she saves her own life and the lives of her fellows. This makes Shéhérazade into the ultimate totem for the woman storyteller.

In a series of paintings made around 1950 and titled Shéhérazade, René Magritte developed a creature-like pearl mask, thingifying attributes of a woman face: lips wearing lipstick and outlined eyes.

Shéhérazades reclaims Magritte’s mask motif and Shéhérazade’s achievements. Bringing together the masks with plants articulates multispecies entanglements, both for storytelling and survival.