safe enough to handle big feelings

animation, sound, 4'51", 2020

This animation was made as a response to an online event organized by Intersections of Care during Wiels's Open School. It combines a project I am busy with at the moment as an artist & my own situated relation to a set of guidelines, codes and protocols of care.

Using uncreative writing I braided a selection of guidelines that are at the intersections of who I am: being a white cis-female artist who is also a teacher and who lives with epilepsy.

The creature that ressemble a pearl-mask is taken from a series of René Magritte's paintings called Shéhérazade and this is (despite their eerie not-quite-human qualities) what called my attention to them. Shéhérazade being the ultimate female story teller as she, in the persian folks tales 1001 nights saves her life and the lives of her peers with her story telling talents.

To me this creature is an interesting token to reclaim and animate.

A trinket non-human figure through which I attempt to create transformative connections, bonds, kinships and/or legacies.

Until now it has had versatile embodiments such as paper masks for plants, or masks for female writers and here a guidelines spoke person-oracle — this creature embrace a multiplicity of voices.

Guidelines, codes and protocols borrowed from:

Thank you: Bertrand Flanet (for the animation) Aurélia Defrance, Nurhayati Khan & Greg Nijs as well as Intersections of Care — Florence Cheval & Loraine Furter (for discussions, advices and feedbacks)