Published in 2020 by Phenicusa Press the short story is titled (TEOTWAWKI), prepper acronym for The End Of The World as We Know It. Far from the dramatic undertone the story resituates the original expression in the soft intricacy of everyday life.


Ohne Titel

Published in 2017 as a graduation exhibition text for fellow artist Amy Ball, the short story Ohne Titel explores expectations, ambitions, struggles and class clashes of a young artist.



Published in 2014 for the catalogue Hamlet, mise-en-scène as the original script for Hamlet's representation @ Portikus (Frankfurt, DE). The script is a radically abridged version of Shakespeare's Hamlet play, reduced only to entrances and exits of the characters. It follows the technique invented by artist Jack Smith called "Reptilian Acting" whereby actors do not speak their lines on stage but rather think them.